Here's to staying strong

Well, we're still locked down. It'll be a while before climbing gyms re-open, let alone that we can travel to pull on some real rock or ice. So in lieu of that, we've updated our training program again. More shoulder work, more core work! Just how we like our climbs: long, hard, and miserable 😂. Happy new year!

What's new, pussycat?

Nothing much, to be honest.

Given the lockdown we have to try and stay in climbing shape the best we can. We've taken a two week light regiment over the end of the year break. That consisted of 30 minute core sets and running 3 x 11km per week. Now we're back on our old bullshit, so to speak.

The older programs can be found here from November 2020 and here from August 2020.

Here's to being the strongest, hardest, non-climbing climbers in 2021!

The downloads

The mobility and forearm programs are unchanged, we've extended them slightly for ourselves, but are too lazy to update the PDFs. It's mostly because hangboarding sessions have more sets now, so we needed more exercise. And Arie still has a rotator cuff issue, so we've added some light elastic band work to help with that.

The programs below should be just over an hour long, if all goes to plan.

Yeah, "elastic bands" are a bit of a broad term, do whatever you like. Head on over to good ol' Youbertuber and work on your problem areas to rehab or warm up.

The usual ho-hum

Some of the exercises may sound cryptic, but that's because we don't know the proper names for some of them. Google them, if you can't find anything that makes sense, fill in another exercise as you see fit.

Feel free to use these as you like. As always: don't do them consecutive days. Rest is important. We hope it helps inspire some new exercises. Some of the exercises don't specify if and how much weight we use. That's on purpose — you have to figure out what works for you. As usual, all at your own risk.

Stay happy, healthy, and safe, friends!

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