First time climbing with a trainer

We're not particularly good climbers. That doesn't matter, because we can fix that. With some time, some effort, and some help from a trainer. And practice. Lots and lots of practice.

Our climbing careers are quite short, even though we climb a lot. We're blessed with decent strenght and power, but are deeply lacking in efficient technique. That's why when we climb long routes (or harder multipitches), we burn out very quickly.

Lieke getting on a 5C boulder in the Arena
Lieke getting on a 5C boulder in the Arena.

Time to get in some professional help

There are options to do masterclasses and workshops for climbing, but we prefer 1:1 sessions that are more tailored to our needs. We first met our trainer Anders a few months ago when we did the indoor lead climbing course.

He works at a different gym to our home gym, so we get to boulder and climb somewhere else for a change! Just one town over, but still, the experience is very different. They have a proper training wall setup, for starters! So nice to have multiple angles to choose from, and two different systems boards with wooden holds. So cool!

We'll do a more in-depth gym tour at some point.

One of Grip Bouldering's three halls.
One of Grip Bouldering's three halls.

What're we doing?

Besides doing a lot of repetitions of climbing basics, we'll also focus on improving our efficiency and tactical skills when approaching routes. There will be specific onsighting exercises that should makes read routes better.

Our first lesson was a lot of climbing games to get a better feel for how we're actually using our bodies to move up a wall. And a lot of finding of more comfortable positions by making small adjustments in body positions. We've done some of these games before, but it helps so much to have an observer to guide you through them, and point out what parts you suck at.

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