Mammut Gym Workhorse Classic rope

We bought a gym rope! We're excited to have this new tool in our arsenal. And we're super glad to not have to use grimy, grubby rental ropes anymore.

Wtf is a gym rope?

A gym rope is for exclusive use in a rope climbing gym.

The coiled, new Mammut Gym Workhorse Classic
The coiled, new Mammut Gym Workhorse Classic.

But why?

It's a fair question. But why get another rope, when you maybe already have a nice outdoor climbing rope? Let us count the reasons:

But can't you just rent one from the gym?

You could. We've seen our gym's ropes, and we did not like what we saw to be honest. We're also still in the middle of a pandemic, so sharing equipment isn't the best idea.

Why'd you buy this one?

We looked around the internets, as one does. Mammut renamed all their rope product in the past year, so it was a little confusing to look at reviews. In the end, it came down to three things: diameter, UIAA fall rating, and length. We didn't want anything thicker than 10mm (this is just shy of that at 9.9mm). Thicker rental ropes sometimes choke our Grigri. The tallest climbing wall near us is 21m, so we doubled that and added 20% as a safety margin. That should come to a rope length of about 50m. As for the UIAA falls, that's a whole technical topic that any search engine can explain to you better than we can. In short, a UIAA rated fall is a impact force measurement on the rope. The fall is intense. Let's just say it's the kind of fall that'll make you pack up and go home. The Mammut one we bought is rated to 8-9 of such big falls — a few more than most other 9.9mm ropes.

The end markings of the Mammut Gym Workhorse Classic
The end markings of any rope tell you when & where it is made, its intended use, its length and so on.

First impressions

It's a slick rope. It feels much thinner than we'd expect at 9.9mm. It coils nicely, too. It is significantly easier to coil than say an 80m rope. We dislike the center mark, it looks very weaksauce, like it was done with an empty magic marker. We prefer the dual texture ones, that have different rope design on the outer sheath on one end than on the other.

Giving out slack in lead climbing is smooth and very controlled. No accidental blocking of our Grigri, which is nice. It's a new rope, so that's sort of expected. Also that it clips & ties very nicely, and is easy to untie even after a small fall. It's a nice rope.

The centermark of the Mammut Gym Workhorse Classic
The centermark looks quite weak

After a few sessions

We're still happy with it. It's been so nice to have our own. With every new rope we're a little hesitant to fall in it (that's superstitious and based on no evidence). It gets easier after the first fall, which was smooth and quite soft. Admittedly, Arie was just two clips from the top. It barely slips yet feeds very smoothly. 9.9 seems to be a good diameter rope for our use.



This is a fine rope. We have little to compare it to, except the thicker, fuzzier stuff at the gym. It's the perfect length and diameter for us, so we're very happy. Smooth sailing. We'll update this post when we get a new rope, to see how they compare.


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