Updated 6w plan

After our second Alpine Fitness Test, we had to adjust our training plans! We've updated them to focus more on explosive leg power. They're ready for download below.


We have to improve our leg power. We did a lot better in the test, but afterwards our legs (particularly our calves) were wrecked for two solid days. That's why we've added lunge jumps and plyo box pistol squats.

The downloads

Feel free to use these as you like. Don't do them consecutive days. Rest is important. We hope it helps inspire some new exercises. Some of the exercises don't specify if and how much weight we use. That's on purpose — you have to figure out what works for you. As usual, all at your own risk.

What else?

Besides these plans, we're also doing:

We won't be sharing the details of these as they're either borrowed from trainers, or are paid plans. Any way you slice it, it's a lot of volume.

Happy training!

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