Beta spraying

Beta spraying is giving someone unwanted information about a climb. It's annoying at best, but it's even worse when you're a woman trying to enjoy the puzzle of a new boulder problem.

It's always dudes

Every week, one or two people (read: dudebros) randomly come up to Lieke to tell her how she should climb. In general, there are three outcomes for this:

  1. We tell you to get lost
  2. We tell you to get lost
  3. We tell you to get lost

She's trying to concentrate. If she didn't ask you for help, keep your trap shut. You're spoiling the fun of figuring out the moves. Problemsolving is an essential part of climbing, and needs constant training.

These "insights" usually come from people who don't have a clue about how to do these climbs. Their advice is universally bad. The clumsy moves your manbody allows you to do absolutely don't translate to a woman two-thirds your size.

"Just do a double dyno toehook crimp layback gaston, girl"
Rando climbing neckbeards everywhere

We used to just ignore these climbers. Somehow that doesn't seem to be enough anymore — especially if you're a woman climbing alone. You don't even have to be alone, just having a climbing partner out of sight is enough to invite them. Some take being ignored as a cue to jump on your boulder and "demonstrate how it's done". They won't be able to see our giant eyeroll as we immediately turn our backs and leave.

You can start a normal conversation, but ask first if someone is interested in talking to you. Beta spraying is annoying. Stop it.

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