Marking gear

All climbing gear looks the same. If you're ever sharing a carabiner, a few nuts and cams, or even just quickdraws — you'll lose some. Time to make it easy to recognize what's yours and what's ours. Let's explore our options!


We've not done this, but this is the quickest (and dirtiest) solution. Break out a can of spraypaint, and spray (parts of) the hardware you want to mark. The more nauseating the colour, the better. Even if it flakes off for the most part, it'll still stick to the ridges inside the hardware. We're not sure if this'll negatively affect the metals. The solvents in spraypaint can damage fabrics like dogbones. Do this at your own risk.


Another find on the world wide internets. We're not a fan of this. This requires scratching and potentially damages your hardware. Also seems like a bit of a hassle to be honest.

Using nailpolish to mark up our new quickdraws.
Using nailpolish to mark up our new quickdraws.


This seemed like the least destructive and easiest way to mark our equipment. We've used this on pretty much every carabiner and quickdraw we have. It smells a little, but dries fast and isn't hard to clean up with some acetone wipes. It has similar effect as the spraypaint. It's applied in a more controlled fashion so it's more apartment friendly, too.

We'll report back to see how long our marks hold. For now, they look great though.

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