New grade FTW 💪💪💪

We're not too far along on our climbing journey, but all our training has paid off! We're climbing harder stuff now, and it feels a lot "easer". This week we did our first 6C boulder problems. It's nice to be rewarded for all that hard work.

Climbing a higher grade is a pretty amazing feeling. Grades themselves don't matter that much to us. The way to this new achievement is the fun part. We're learning how to move, something that's still a bit alien to us.

Deadpointing and other techniques

Our instructors in the Ardennes pointed out some technique improvements for us. They said to be more conscious of our feet, and to improve our explosive power. Watching YouTube during the lockdown, we were convinced that we were already doing those things.

Use your damn feet. Mind your position.


We tried to apply those techniques with more attention once the gyms reopened. It was quite frustrating. We're not only learning how to execute the movement, but also how the movement works. It turns out that we aren't lightning fast learners, and that we need to be patient with ourselves.

But when it clicks, it clicks. We suddenly got a lot better. And thus we managed to do our first 6C boulders. Not by applying more force, but by applying force smarter. Sadly for all our new strength gains, we've lost quite a bit of endurance. Our endurance was never all that good, and now it's pretty weaksauce. Twenty-meter overhanging 6A's will pump us so hard we won't be able to reach the top. Ugh.

What's next

Our technique needs a lot of work. We're looking to get a trainer for a few months later this year, so we can improve our climbing. We're also picking up a few things to specifically improve our endurance, so we can climb more minutes. Training board circuits, finger curl sessions, and a other exercises will do the trick.

How else are we ever going to flash some 7As?

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