Training without climbing

We’ve been working hard for the past months to get our strength and endurance up. It’s been a fun (and hard) experience, and we learned a lot about our strengths (and our abundance of weakness 😀).

We saw progress in the training, but you never know if that actually translates to climbing. Training is training. Climbing is climbing. We don't intend to confuse the two.

We’ve been back in the boulder and rope climbing gyms for two weeks now, and we’re slowly working back up to our old grades. Our skin is paper thin and tender, so we’re not going too hard just yet.

The payoff

Climbing has been a mixed bag. We’re climbing, and our strength is much improved. We had hoped for more endurance gain, but that hasn't happened. Our movements are a bit clunky and ungraceful. We overgrip. Balance is hard to maintain. It’s interesting to find out that you’ve forgotten how to move, but that you can hold on to difficult holds.

Next steps

Arie is now flashing 6B boulders, and Lieke’s not far behind on 6A+. We both have the goal to reach 6C’s by the end of the year, and we think we can get there. It’s time to get a climbing trainer on board to improve our movement and technique. From here on out, our strength is probably "Good Enough™".

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