Problemsolver Triangle

We decided to buy these to bridge the COVID-19 lockdown. These complement our Woodpecker Spheres for a different grip type. Without gyms, we had to find a way to keep our fingers in good shape, and do some strengthening while we’re at it.

Hanging off of Problemsolver Triangles mounted on a pull-up bar
You can do pullups on them. They're gnarlier if you use fewer fingers, or the insert, or add weight.

What are they?

They’re a very simple design: a triangle (duh) with pockets for four, three, two fingeres and even the ol’ mono. The plywood is very gentle on your skin. They come with an insert for the four finger slot so you can take the 25mm edge down to 20 or even 15mm 😬.

What are they for?

We use them in a bunch of exercises:

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Pulling weights down through a pulley
  3. Rows (attached to a TRX)
  4. Finger curls
  5. Hangboarding

We use all the different slots with different loads. We don't do much hangboarding on them, as we have a dedicated hangboard for that.

Problemsolver Triangles used for grip strenght training
It has pockets for one, two, three and four fingers. You can train individual fingers, or do finger curls with them. Or use them as a warmup that's lighter on your hands than a hangboard.

The set of two comes with a bag and attachment ropes. For our use on a pull-up bar we had to tweak the setup a little. We used some 6mm prussik rope to tie loops, and connect them with wiregate carabiners. This makes the triangles hang evenly and less low on the bar.

Get yours at This isn’t an affiliate link, so we don’t profit a dime from you buying their gear. They were sold out at time of writing, but do check it out for yourself. They are also sold as single triangles.



These are cool training tools. They’re not replacement for climbing. They can fill in some of the gaps — and be easier on your hands while you build strength. They’re solid, nicely laid out, and well-made. What’s not to like?


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