Ardennes ⛰ part deux

We’re headed back to Belgium in August, folks! Vacations are cancelled this year anyway, so we’ll keep it short and close to home.

We know they're not "mountains" as such, but it’s fine limestone rock that we can cut our teeth on. We’ve booked with the excellent folks down at Mountain Network Ardennes. They will teach and certify us on outdoor single- and multi-pitch lead climbing over the course of a week. There are also self-rescue techniques on the schedule. That should be a good primer for us to make the jump to do our own sport climbing tours.

We're not looking forward to spending a week on a touristy campsite during COVID-times. At least we’ll learn stuff and climb a lot. We have a few more weeks to improve our indoor lead climbing skills before heading out to the crag! Scary and exciting at the same time! Climbing in a nutshell…

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