Petzl Connect Adjust

This is a lifeline/lanyard/standing anchor for when you’re doing outdoor climbing. The main selling point here being that it adjusts in length. It can help you get to a more position while anchored. We all know how annoying it is to have a high anchor and low feet (or vice versa) and have to wait for you partner to come up.

The metal stopper that can adjust lenght on the Petzl Connect Adjust
So shiny and orange. To adjust, pull on the loose end. When you let go, the carabiner pinches on the rope, keeping you at the desired distance from your anchor.

Adjust? Really? That's all?


We also like that it's a dynamic rope. If you were to take a (very short) fall in it (which, well, is not super likely), it will stretch a little.

Another good use is for rappelling. You can adjust your ATC (or whatever you use for rappels) to be at a comfortable distance from you. It also avoids getting too close to your prusik. Beware: for that you need the Petzl Connect Adjust Dual — which costs €10 more than this version. That one is yellow, not orange.

It's hard to say if it's worth the €40 sticker price, but it is well made. The metal is smooth and works perfectly with a Petzl Oval locking carabiner. The rubber stopper doesn't fit on the beefy Black Diamond Magnetron locking carabiners. We ended up getting a Petzl Sm'D Triact to replace the Petzl Oval screwlock carbiner. Those are small, light, and allow single handed operation even.

Using these lifelines

We bought the single loop version of the Petzl Connect Adjust. It's fine, but that one is mostly useful for single-pitch climbing with lowering. For multi-pitch and rappelling we strongly recommend you go for the dual version. Slightly heavier, but a lot more versatile.



These lifelines are great. We know the old guard will just use their climbing rope as a lifeline, but this is a lot more versatile and arguably safer to use. The adjustment also means you can lean back and peek over ledges to see your following climber/belayer. We love them.


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