New 6w training program

The alpine fitness test brutally highlighted some of our shortcomings (*cough* box jumps *cough*). So we'll have to change things up and work on our shortcomings.

The new plan

Where our previous program focussed on improving shoulder, core, lat, and forearm strength. Those are climbing specific and important to maintain. We’re keeping the shoulder parts, but are also adding more explosive power exercise. For us, that means adding things like plyo pushups and box jumps.

Climbing gyms are rumoured to be reopening soonish. When they do, we’ll adjust our training volume. We can't expect to do this much strenght training and climb well. We also have to … you know …work and sleep at some point.

Lieke worked all this stuff out, along with the concurrent core and running workout plans. It’ll be be gruesome.

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